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Teaching Topic

Photos from the February 2007 Teaching Tools and Tips Workshop

Facilitated by
Sheilah Stokes, Janna Anderson, and Heidi Guss

Workshop participants



Teaching Resources on the Web

Janna Anderson leads the workshop

FC Career Planning System

On Course

One Book, One College

Teaching and Learning Center
Eastern Kentucky University

A Teaching Tips Index
Honolulu Community College
Riverside Community College

Teaching Materials Site
University of California, Berkeley

Center for Teaching
Vanderbilt University

Teaching Resource Center's Teaching Tips
University of Virginia

A to Z Teacher Stuff


Learning Styles Inventories

Online Learning Style Assessment
Students answer multiple-choice questions and receive instant feedback about  their learning style.

Learning Styles
learning styles and multiple intelligences explained, learning styles test, and practical tips for students  to help them learn

Learning Style Inventories
information on learning styles,  inventories in pdf and excel formats















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