Online Teaching Certificate

The Online Teaching Certificate (OTC) strives to train educators on teaching in an online environment with a focus on current and innovative pedagogy, technologies, and best practices.

To earn the certificate, educators will engage in 20 workshop hours. There are six core workshops and a few additional/supplemental workshops offered during the semester. The certificate could be completed in one semester or over the course of several semesters. We will also be offering an intensive week-long version in January.

Full-time faculty who have not yet reached column E on the salary schedule will be eligible to earn 1 unit of salary advancement credit for completing the OTC program. Complete the Equivalent Unit Credit Form and return to

To Participate:

Small Right Arrow Icon Check the Calendar for workshop dates and locations.

Small Right Arrow IconFill out the OTC Statement of Intent to register your participation.

Small Right Arrow IconPrint out the OTC Tracking and Verification Form to keep track of your progress.

Return all completed forms to

Workshop Descriptions

Core Workshops – 2 hours each

Introduction of the Learning Management System (LMS)
Navigate and become familiar with the LMS. Learn how to re-think and transfer what you would do in a face-to-face (f2f) class or lesson to an online class or lesson.

Communication: Regular and Effective Contact
Learn what constitutes “regular and effective contact” and the methods of communication that support student retention and success.

Accessibility 101 (2 parts, 4 hours total)
Learn about the basics of creating accessible documents and options for video captioning.
Learn about the basics of creating accessible documents and options for captioning videos.

Learn about concepts of online learning theory and how it relates to current best practices in course design and the use of technology in an online classroom.

Collaboration (student-to-student interaction)
Learn how to facilitate interaction between students in an online environment that is dynamic and meaningful. Explore options for group work/projects and whole class discussion.

Online Education Initiative (OEI) Rubric
Learn about the state-wide Online Education Initiative and the rubric designed by online instructors from various institutions of higher education. Assess online instructional content using the OEI rubric.

Additional/Supplemental Workshops – 1 to 2 hours

Video Making for Instruction
Learn about how to write a script and record video that is learning/learner focused. The use of web cams and mobile recording devices will be explored.

Online Tips and Tools
Learn about up-to-date tips on teaching online and about the latest and most useful programs and apps for teaching and learning.

Digital Literacy
Learn about the theory of digital literacy and approaches to integrating digital literacy practices.

Using Open Sources
Learn what open sources are and which fit best for your online class.

Methods of Organizing Content
Learn about the theory and approach to organizing content in the LMS that best supports student learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a part of the Online Teaching Certificate to go to any one of these workshops?
No. However, we strongly encourage you to sign up for the OTC! Because space is limited in some workshop spaces, it would be great to have all workshop participants be signed up for the OTC!

How do I sign up for the Online Teaching Certificate?
Fill out the Online Teaching Certificate “Statement of Intent” form, located on the staff development website at and submit to Jeanette Sorensen in the staff develop office (TEC – room 800-D). Once the Statement of Intent is submitted, the staff development office will track workshops attended and your progress toward the Online Teaching Certificate.

How will the workshops be conducted?
Generally (for two hour workshops), they are set up so that the first hour the presenter will lecture and (mostly) demonstrate and the second hour is hands-on practice for participants. For most workshops, there will be a reading selection for participants to read before the workshop. All the workshops will be in-person and on campus, with opportunities for online collaboration and idea-exchange outside the workshop(s).

How do I sign up for the workshops?
You may sign up on the District-Wide Staff Development Calendar through myGateway. Space may be limited depending on the workshop space and capacity, so be sure to sign up soon!

Who can I contact if I have questions about the OTC or any of the workshops?
You may contact the staff coordinator for the OTC, Roger Perez, at

Will the technology I need be provided?
Yes. We will be working in a computer classroom that will be equipped with hardware, such as webcams, and software necessary for the workshop(s).

Can I show up to a workshop without signing up?
You may show up to a scheduled workshop, but, with limited space, we must give priority access to participants who registered for the workshop through the District-Wide Staff Development Calendar prior to the start of the workshop. If there is space available at the start of the workshop, you are welcome to stay and participate fully in the workshop.