Fullerton College – Online Teaching Certificate, Summer 2022

As we look ahead to Fall 2022, when the emergency distance education rules no longer apply, and all online classes must be taught by certified instructors, including Zoom classes, the Online Teaching Certificate Team has created a revised version of the Online Teaching Certificate (OTC) to support faculty to develop the tools they need to create dynamic and equitable online learning experiences for students whether in synchronous, asynchronous, or hybrid environments. Participants in the Summer 2022 OTC will have the option of participating in either in-person or online versions of the boot camp in addition to the asynchronous learning that will take place during the Canvas Challenge portions of the program.  New content to support synchronous online/Zoom instruction will be included. 

We present the Online Teaching Certificate Summer 2022, designed to prepare faculty to become certified online instructors at Fullerton College. Detailed information about this program is included below.

To Participate:

  • Sign up on EdVantage via myGateway
    • To access the calendar, sign in to myGateway and click “Employee” in the menu on the left. 
    • Scroll down to the Employee Links menu on the right
    • Click the EdVantage icon at the top of the list of links
    • On the EdVantage homepage, click the calendar icon
    • Use the dropdown box on the left to narrow the search to NOCCCD
    • Click the OTC event in the calendar for June 
    • Click the REQUEST button to register


If you wish to submit materials that demonstrate completing an Online Teaching Certificate from another college or educational organization, download and fill out this OTEC form  Submit form and supporting materials to Darnell Kemp via email dkemp@fullcoll.edu.

Our Mission and Approach 

The OTC builds faculty capacity to use Canvas—the Fullerton College Learning Management System (LMS)–according to the key guiding principles of online pedagogy:

  • Regular and Effective Contact
  • Accessibility 

It provides a community of practice environment in which to develop strategies for informed course design and delivery.

In order to accommodate faculty who need to be certified before fall semester begins, the OTC Summer 2022 will operate as follows:


  1. Canvas Challenge 1: this includes the Kickoff, Canvas Challenge 1, and Accessibility 101 (and a couple of optional tools). This asynchronous part of the OTC will be from May 31, 2022 to June 8, 2022. Participants will have to complete this online.
  2. The 3-Day Bootcamp: heart of the program will be delivered face-to-face so participants can benefit from rich interaction and collaboration, but participants will have the option of engaging synchronously, via Zoom. Participants may work together in smaller peer groups during these sessions each day.
  3. Canvas Challenge 2: this asynchronous part of the OTC is designed so participants can put their learning into practice and engage with additional online teaching tools and Canvas features. Participants will have one week to finish from June 16 to June 23, 2022.

Questions and Answers

How will the OTC Summer 2022 workshops be conducted?

The OTC team believes that professional learning in collaborative environments provides unique benefits, and they will utilize a variety of tools to assure the OTC Summer 2022 is a dynamic learning experience. 

Canvas Challenge 1 and 2 are entirely online and will deliver instructional content in written and video format. During the Challenges, facilitators will model high standards of regular and effective contact as participants engage in asynchronous communication through Discussions on Canvas and independently complete Assignments.

To maintain the intensive, collaborative learning environment of the boot camp, participants will be required to attend three four-hour synchronous workshops in your chosen modality:  in-person, on campus in Room 2400-201 (on the 2nd floor of the new Humanities Building) or online/synchronous via Zoom, or a combination.  You will let the facilitators know which modality your prefer.

What are the technology requirements for participation in the OTC Summer 2022?

For the Canvas challenges and the Zoom option for the boot camp sessions, the following equipment will be needed to fully engage and successfully complete the program:

  • A desktop or laptop computer (unfortunately, a tablet or smartphone device will not meet the requirements for our purposes)
  • High-speed internet connection 
  • Webcam with microphone 
  • A workspace that is relatively quiet and free of distraction for the four hours of participation required

For the in-person option for the boot camp, sessions will be conducted in a computer classroom equipped with hardware such as webcams and any software necessary for the workshops.  However, you are welcome to bring your own laptop (with webcam, microphone, and WiFi capability) if you wish.

I don’t know if I can sit and participate in a video conference/Zoom session for that long. Will there be breaks and opportunities for interaction?

Yes! Absolutely. To create an optimal learning experience, facilitators will do the following:

  • Use interactive tools in Zoom and Canvas that foster engagement and connection (just like you will need to do in your own online classes!)
  • Use Zoom breakout rooms to create smaller groups of no more than 10 within each large cohort. Each room will have a facilitator (and possibly an assistant–a previous OTC graduate and star).
  • Divide each day of the synchronous Bootcamp into two workshop sessions, taking an in-depth approach to each topic, with a 10-minute break in between and question time at the end of each one.

What if I start the OTC, but for some reason I cannot complete the whole program?

We understand! We ask that if something comes up to prevent you from completing the program, please let one of the facilitators know right away. The completed work will be recorded, and you may receive credit for that work if you choose to return to the OTC within one year.

How do I sign up? What do I need to do in order to get started?

We like your enthusiasm! For the OTC Summer 2022, please sign up on EdVantage via MyGateway.  To access EdVantage, sign in to myGateway and click “Employee” in the menu on the left.  Scroll down to the Employee links menu on the right of the screen and click the EdVantage icon which will be the first item on the list.  Click on the calendar icon on the EdVantage homepage, and then screen for NOCCCD in the drop down menu box on the left.  Click on the OTC event in calendar for June. When you do this, you will be registered in the 20-hour OTC Program.

Space is limited to 40 on a first come, first served basis.

Additionally, if you are a full-time instructor and wish to have one unit of credit for salary advancement, you must complete a Request for Equivalent Unit Credit and submit that to your Division Office/Dean prior to beginning the Canvas Challenge 1.

Note: No forms should be emailed to any OTC facilitator.

What are the days and times for the Boot Camp workshops?

The three-day, synchronous in-person/on campus or Zoom boot camp will be:

June 14 – June 16, from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm each day

*You are required to attend all three days of synchronous workshops.

This timeline will prepare instructors to be ready for their assigned fall classes!

I tried to sign up but OTC Summer 2022 is already full. Can I get on a waitlist?  What are my options?

Our OTC program has a history of filling to capacity, often very quickly. However, for a variety of reasons, sometimes faculty drop before the program begins, and we are able to add people  from our waitlist. You will be automatically added to the waitlist in EdVantage if the OTC Summer 2022 is full.  If anyone drops out, folks on the waitlist will be automatically registered in order according to the date they attempted to register.

What are my other options if I don’t get a spot in the OTC Summer 2022, or the boot camp dates don’t work with my schedule?

You may sign up for one of the other online teaching training programs that have been approved by the Distance Education Advisory Committee and announced via email from Staff Development:

  • Online Learning Consortium series
  • Association of Career Technical Education series
  • @One courses

Check out the Distance Education website for more details.  Then, follow up with Staff Development (staffdev@fullcoll.edu) or Darnell Kemp (dkemp@fullcoll.edu) if you are interested in these asynchronous opportunities.

Your other option is to apply for equivalency if you have completed or plan on completing an online teaching training program at another college or university. Upon completion of that other program, download the online teaching equivalency form in the green box above and submit your application and packet to Darnell Kemp (dkemp@fullcoll.edu)

Other than the OTC, what other options are there for meeting the requirements to teach online at Fullerton?

If you successfully completed an online teaching certificate program at another university, college, or organization, you may apply for equivalency. Use the application in the shaded (green) box on the OTC page of the Staffdev website, and email it and the required materials as attachments to Darnell Kemp – dkemp@fullcoll.edu 

The Certificate in Online Teaching and Design, offered by @One, is endorsed by the equivalency committee. Submitting the badge upon successful completion along with the application would fulfill the equivalency requirements. 

Whom should I contact if I have more questions?

For questions about the enrollment process for OTC, please contact the Staff Development Office at staffdev@fullcoll.edu. Jeanne Costello is the Professional Learning Coordinator (jcostello@fullcoll.edu).

For general questions about the OTC program, you may contact Roger Perez (OTC Coordinator) at rperez1@fullcoll.edu

For general questions about equivalency, you may contact Darnell Kemp (Distance Ed Director) at dkemp@fullcoll.edu.

For questions about content and Assignments within the OTC Canvas course, you may contact any of the OTC facilitators, whom you will meet soon after you start the Canvas Challenge Kickoff.