Mission and Purpose

The Staff Development Committee is devoted to supporting the professional learning needed for Fullerton College educators—Faculty (full-time and adjunct), Classified Professionals and Managers—to improve student success.  Staff Development support should contribute to this improvement not only in individual classrooms and student support areas, but across the campus as a whole.  Staff Development believes this will best be achieved by encouraging shared learning and a culture of collaboration in order to become a truly learning-focused institution.

In order to further these goals, the Staff Development Committee determines staff development policies and priorities based on communication with constituent groups;  provides campus-wide staff development activities and workshops to meet identified needs;  disseminates Staff Development funds and facilitates shared learning following committee-funded activities;  and provides oversight and facilitates the use of the Teaching Effectiveness Center.


Jeanne Costello
Designated as the Professional Learning Coordinator and appointed by the Faculty Senate


Second and Fourth Thursdays
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


8 Faculty Senate Representatives
2 Management Representatives
2 Classified Representatives
2 Students

Voting Members

Jeanne Costello (Chair)
Leonor Cadena
Deidre Hughes
Laura Loney
Valentin Macias
Katheryn McGuthry
Gitanjali (Gita) Nilkanth
Miguel Powers
Monica Martin
Dani Wilson
Antoinese Cotton
Aaron Mezzano
Nayab Abbas
Monica Gonzalez

Faculty, Humanities
Faculty, Social Sciences
Faculty, Humanities
Faculty, Math/Computer Science
Faculty, Social Sciences
Faculty, Natural Sciences
Faculty, Math/CS
Faculty, Humanties
Manager, Grants + Econ. Workforce
Manager, LLRISPS
Classified, Fine Arts
Classified, Hornets Tutoring

Fall 2017-Spring 2020

Resource Members

Heather Treminio
Darnell Kemp

Staff Development Admin I
Interim Mgr., Distance Ed.